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The Ichy Achy Season is Upon Us - Especially Important with the Threat of H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)

One way to defend yourself against the possibility of illness is to use products like AIM Proancynol® 2000 and AIM Herbal Release®. In the case of AIM Director Lucy Morrison from Millersburg, Ohio, taking Proancynol 2000 even saved her from needing a flu shot.

Proancynol 2000 is loaded with powerful illness-fighting antioxidants. Two of its most well-known ingredients are green tea and grape seed extract, both of which have been proven to neutralize free radicals and build immunity. Some studies state that green tea can be as much as 100 times more effective at neutralizing free radicals than vitamin C, and even the FDA has touted the polyphenols of green tea as ample protectors against serious ailments. Grape seed extract also is a popular supplement because of its antioxidant properties that have been proven to be stronger than vitamins C and E.

Proancynol 2000 combines green tea and grape seed extract with other powerful antioxidants – N-acetylcysteince, alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, and selenium – to create a synergistic combination. Working together, the different aspects of the Proancynol formula provide benefits that cannot be achieved by taking the ingredients alone.

Yuk, the flu. It is always out there lurking someplace, but more commonly during the winter months and early spring when our bodies are most susceptible to infection. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 5 to 20 percent of the population will contract the flu. Annually, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized with severe flu symptoms, and even minor flu cases can bring on those dreaded aches and pains.

Another AIM product that can wage battle with illness is AIM Herbal Release®. AIM Product Consultant Sharie Hall from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, is an Herbal Release believer.

Herbal Release, like Proancynol, is an ideal resource for immune system health, and it specifically targets the various parts of the lymphatic system – bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, and spleen. With a combination of herbs and herbal extracts – including barberry root bark, boldo leaves, buckthorn bark, burdock root, cascara sagrada, chickweed, dandelion root, echinacea, licorice root, parsley, and sarsaparilla – Herbal Release has a formula that helps cleanse the lymphatic system and keeps the organs working at an ideal rate to rid the body of waste.

Too often it might seem like you don’t have a chance against discouraging, achy illnesses. But AIM has given you the chance to fight back. Try Herbal Release and Proancynol 2000. They come with stamps of approval from Lucy and Sharie.

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