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AIM Barleylife, Herbal Fiberblend, whole foods nutrition

To better help you find just the right product, we have categorized our supplements by body system.

AIM International's nutritional products are designed to promote healthy cells for our bodies. Health BEGINS at the cellular level. Whether you are interested in promoting wellness for you and your family or whether you are interested in healing your body, these products are designed to provide optimum nutrition for your body's cells.

Today our lives are filled with stressors. We work too hard, play too hard, grabbing fast food as a convenience. We are constantly bombarded with chemical assaults on our immune systems from the foods we ingest, the water we drink, and the polluted air that we breathe. One of the first steps to a healthy body is to rid the body of these accumulated toxins. We have several products which are excellent in helping to achieve this, such as AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Herbal Release®, and AIM BarleyLife™.

When your cells are well-nourished, they can function properly, live longer, and you will in turn live a longer, healthier life.

Body Frame Health
AIM Frame Essentials
AIM Renewed Balance Cream

Cardio Health

AIM CellSparc 360
AIM Bear Paw Garlic

Digestive Health
AIM Herbal Fiberblend
AIM PrepZymes
AIM Para90
AIM FloraFood

Immuno Health
AIM Proancynol
AIM Herbal Release

Lifestyle Health
AIM GlucoChrom
AIM CellWellness Restorer

Men's Health
AIM ReAssure
AIM GinkgoSense

Neuro Health

AIM GinkgoSense
AIM Composure

Women's Health
AIM RevitaFem
AIM Renewed Balance
AIM CranVerry

Senior's Health

AIM CellSparc 360
AIM GinkgoSense
AIM PrepZymes

Whole Body Health
AIM Peak Endurance
AIM GardenTrio
AIM BarleyLife
AIM Leaf Greens
AIM JustCarrots
AIM RediBeets
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer
AIM Herbal Fiberblend

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